Custom Artwork / Fees

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Artwork is considered "Print Ready" when it can be used for prepress and printing without the need for adjustments that may incur added fees or result in delays. When supplying art, please refer to the following guidelines. If you have any questions, please call us. We have artists on staff to help you with anything you might need. Artwork fees are $50.00 per hour.

Vector art requirements
Vector artwork files must be saved to at least Adobe Illustrator CS5. All text fields must be converted to curves or outlines to prevent font substitutions. Include a printed proof of your design with color designations. All objects must have at least a 2pt line thickness for proper print quality. All images must be sent at 100% desired size. If the vector file includes any placed raster images (such as scans, jpegs, etc), those images must meet or exceed our requirements for resolution when rendered at 100%. They must be attached with and not embedded in the original vector file please.

Raster art requirements
We will high quality raster artwork saved in a .tif, .eps., .pdf, or .psd format in up to Adobe Photoshop CS5 format. For our purposes, all raster files must be saved at 100% of the final print size with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. Scans supplied in color or possibly grey scale images might need additional converting at an additional artwork fee.

Non usable artwork files
Jpegs are most often useless but can be replicated for use in screen printing for an hourly art fee of $50.00 per hour. Excel, Word, Outlook, and Powerpoint files are unusable , unless name lists are being used. Please separate first and last names in separate columns in this case.